Carlat Luck 2

Not so hidden treasure

Fortune hunting.

Zach and I went out to P.F. Chang’s the other night and after waiting for about an hour, we were finally seated in what looked like the best table in the house.

We ordered a bunch of appetizers and eyed several other dishes, including a group of hot, young women wearing ridiculously short skirts in the booth next to us. I don’t get to spend all that much time with Zach these days and had almost forgotten what a sweet, funny and amazing kid he is.

Add to that list: starving. You know you’re eating good food when there’s no talking at the table and Zach and I happily stuffed our faces in what seemed like deep space. Our silent revelry was soon interrupted by our waiter, who placed another order of dumplings on our table.

“Did you guys enjoy those dumplings?” he asked, pointing to our already demolished plates.

“Yeah, they were awesome!” we both answered in between bites.

“Well, they were vegetable and you guys asked for pork,” he said. “So here’s the correct order and, of course, it’s on the house.”

“Dad,” Zach said, smiling hard, “that’s Carlat luck.”

We both laughed and continued to shovel in spicy chicken and shrimp lo mein until we couldn’t breathe. You know you’ve eaten a lot of good food when it leaves you gasping for air.

We did, however, save just enough room for fortune cookies. Zach’s read: Endurance and persistence will be rewarded. We both agreed that this prophecy seemed pretty right on for a college student.

Mine was even more on the money:

Treasure what you have.

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